All About Three Minute Theology
In our busy day, it is sometimes difficult to carve out some time to deepen our knowledge of the our Catholic faith. Yet God expects us to make the effort to grow in our knowledge of the faith. Evangelical missionaries will often say Catholics are the easiest targets because they have such a poor grasp of their own faith. This website attempts to begin to remedy that sad situation. It employs the method of St. Francis deSales.

In his book, Introduction to the Devout Life, you will see how he organizes it into small bite-size chapters that busy laymen can read when there is little time available. What is learned can then be shared with others as the occasion arises.

Almost 10 years ago, as a layman, I approached several of my friends at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Olney, Maryland with an idea of how to employ the methods of St. Francis de Sales to increase the knowledge level of Catholics in the parish as well as across the diocese. By presenting the faith in a series of articles which could be read in three minutes, Catholics could fit a little catechesis into their busy, busy lives. In 2008, I began my diaconal formation and the demands of that endeavor overshadowed the maintenance of the website for about five years.

With ordination now behind me and now assigned to Holy Cross Church in Garrett Park, Maryland, I have resuscitated the website and added a section with my recorded homilies. This was done in response to a number of parishioners who wanted to share the homily with their friends or who were homebound and could not attend Sunday Mass.

Please pray that this website will be a fitting tool in the hands of God to engage not only Catholics and other Christians and all people of good will in the New Evangelization. My religion teacher at Archbishop Carroll High School, Fr. Andrew Boyle, O.S.A. once said in reference to our religion lessons, "You can't give what you ain't got." Pray that this website will equip Catholics to better know and spread the most precious possession they have -- their Catholic Faith.

Live Jesus!
Deacon Rob Stout